Morse screenshot


  1. Install the Adobe AIR runtime

    If you already have it installed, move on to step 2.

  2. Download morse.air

    Don't worry: it's small and free.

  3. Install morse.air

    That means you need to double-click the icon.

  4. Start Morse

    Like you would start any other application.

  5. Add your first account

    You can now add the first Gmail account that needs to be monitored by filling in your username (including the domain), password and the name that will be displayed in the application.

    You can add more accounts by clicking the “+” button. If you want to edit or delete an account, click the arrow next to the account name.

  6. Wait for emails...

    Morse will check each account every two minutes. It updates the number of unread emails in your inboxes and will make a sound if there are emails you need to read (or delete).

    Clicking the account name will take you to your inbox. If you're on Windows and you minimize the application, it will sit on your system tray (the notification area that normally includes the clock).