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Five minutes a day, two days per year

People often hesitate to automate tasks. They reckon that that five-minute-once-a-day-thing doesn't really eat into their time and isn't worth the trouble of getting something else to do it for them instead.

Five minutes a day. It would mean not rushing to pick up the kids from school. Laying in bed five minutes longer each morning. Doesn't that sound good? It certainly does to me. Or look at it another way: five minutes per working day adds up to about 20 hours per year, or about two and a half days of working. Wouldn't it be great to have an extra two days to do some real work, or two more days off?

Decide what's important to you

Do yourself a favor and take some time to list your working day and look for the "low-hanging fruit". Write down all those dirty, boring little tasks and when you're done, get a developer you trust to have a look at it and let him pick out the stuff that can be automated with ease.

Before you know it you'll have something cheap that can perform those tasks by itself, leaving you your precious time with family and friends, doing more interesting things.



If you don't know a developer you trust, send me an e-mail with your list of dirty little tasks. I'll have a look at them and tell you whether it's worth automating them.