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Introducing Extractor

Sometimes you're faced with an almost impossible decision, trying to make sure all your users are happy with what they're working with.

One such decision is where to place the comments and remarks on something crucial. Say, a chapter in a book review system. Place them on the bottom and you have to scroll back and forth between the comments and the text. Place them at the side and you're going to have to create a layout that makes this possible without hindering people working at lower screen resolutions. Thanks to Extractor there is another option: show the comments at the bottom, but let the user pull them out into a dialog, backed by jQuery UI. That way they can move the dialog around the page and resize it to their liking.


Once you have loaded content into a dialog, you can't really get it back out. jQuery UI will move it to the bottom of your body element and often that's not what you'd like to see happening.

And that's where Extractor steps in: instead of simply letting jQuery's dialog do it's thing, it inserts a placeholder for your content and, when the dialog is closed, places the content right back where it belongs.

Have a look at the demo and grab a copy of Extractor.