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Find jQuery UI icons instantly

Every single time I want to use a jQuery UI icon I have to head over to the jQuery Themeroller page, find the icon I need and mouseover to find the correct class name. And when I get back to my editor, I've already forgotten it. No more!

Introducing: the jQuery UI icon name map

That's a real mouthful, but if you head over to the map of icons you'll soon see it's real useful too! Besides spelling out the class name for each available jQuery UI icon, some common names have been added to make sure you'll find what you are looking for.

Screenshot of the jQuery UI icon name map

Additionally, thanks to the background-size property you'll see a blown-up version of each icon for easier browsing of the icons.

That is if you're using a browser that supports it. Since you're probably a web developer, I assume this won't be a problem.

And hey: don't forget to bookmark the page or download the accompanying PDF, so you've always got this reference nearby. Go get it.