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Now running on pure Django

Roam used to run as a static site generated with Hyde, but I decided to turn things around and move to a pure Django site.

The problem

Hyde was a great tool when I started using it, but everytime I felt the urge to write a new article, I never got around to actually publishing it. Although Hyde uses Django to generate sites, it isn't really a Django website. You have to remember --or in my case: look up-- new commands, have to know the exact way to define tags, have to know all kinds of other things that get in the way when you just want to publish stuff. Sometimes PNGs and other static resources would be copied over as expected, other times Hyde started yelling "What the hell are you trying to do?!"

Since I've been wanting to add some more dynamic parts to this website for some time now, I decided it was time to ditch Hyde and turn this mess into an actual Django powered website.

The solution

There are a lot of CMS and blog apps for Django available, but because it's so damn easy to get a simple blog going without having to evaluate all those apps and trying to shoe-horn them into how this blog is currently set up, I wrote one myself. Total time needed for the blog app, including caching: about two hours. Total time needed to port the templates from Hyde to Django: about four hours.

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